Is St. Louis Missouri a Good Place to Live?

Is St. Louis Missouri a Good Place to Live?

According to WalletHub, it will be one of the 20 best U.S. cities to visit in 2021-’22. St. Louis seems to be popular with its inhabitants due to a number of factors, including its low cost of living in St. Louis Missouri housing that is not out of reach financially, along with a plethora of services and activities. Some have compared it to a huge metropolis with a small-town vibe, while others have suggested it is the reverse. 

If you’re looking for a city with fast internet, go no further than St. Louis, Missouri. Our evaluations of livability in the area indicate that you will find the housing, business freedom, and healthcare options to be among the best in the city. 

To help you make an informed decision about whether St. Louis is the right place for you. We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide covering everything from the cost of  living in St. Louis Missouri and crime statistics to the demographics of the city and its pros and cons.  

Is St. Louis a Safe Place?

The odds of being a victim of crime range from as high as 1 in 83 in the city’s center areas to 1 in 559 in the west metro area, per statistics collected by CrimeGrade.org. St. Louis has an overall crime rating of C- and a safety ranking in the 15th percentile (85% of metro areas are safer than St. Louis).

As 2019 began, St. Louis has the highest murder rate of any major U.S. city. These numbers may make you feel insecure, but know that while there are areas of St. Louis you should avoid, there are also many that are perfectly fine to live in. Ballwin, Hi-Pointe, Princeton Heights, Clifton Heights, and Saint Louis Hills are among the city’s most secure communities.

Is it Costly to Maintain a House in St. Louis? 

Overall, the cost of living in St. Louis Missouri is lower than the national average. According to BestPlaces.net, all categories, including food and medicine, health care, and infrastructure, rank below the national average.

St. Louis offers significantly cheaper housing costs than the national average. While the national median home value is $217,500, the median home price in St. Louis is only $138,700, as reported by Niche.com. The city’s median rent of $828 is lower than the national average of $1,062.

Are People Happy That They Live in St. Louis?

St. Louis is a great city to call home for many people. According to WalletHub, it will be one of the 20 best U.S. cities to visit in 2021-’22. St. Louis seems to be a popular place to live because of its citizens’ apparent appreciation for the city’s many positive qualities, including its low cost of living in St. Louis Missouri, affordable housing, and plenty of amenities and entertainment.

Some have compared it to a huge metropolis with a small-town vibe, while others have suggested it is the reverse. It has a lot of history, things to do, and beautiful scenery. The question is now whether or not you would enjoy life in St. Louis. 

Which Are the Pros and Cons of Living in St. Louis? 

Should I move to St. Louis ?


The affordable cost of living in St. Louis Missouri is one of the city’s greatest advantages. Given that St. Louis is home to almost 301,000 individuals and other big-city attractions, the city’s living expenditures are fair. The low cost of housing is also a big lure.

St. Louis is home to numerous great attractions, such as museums, performing arts centers, and stadiums. You will also recognize the Gateway Arch, which spans from the Old Courthouse to the Mississippi River and is part of the Gateway Arch National Park. The monument pays tribute to the pioneering spirit of those who were instrumental in the formation of the United States of America, including but not limited to Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, Dred and Harriet Scott, and a great many others. 

In the fall of 2020, there will be 7,653 students enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis, a community of eager learners and leaders. In addition to the University of Missouri-St. Louis, other significant universities in the area include Saint Louis University, Maryville University, Harris-Stowe State University, and others.

Healthcare biotechnology is a leading industry in St. Louis. Numerous entrepreneurs and scientists flocked to the region to work for notable institutions, such as CORTEX, The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, and The Missouri Botanical Garden. Additionally, Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 organizations call St. Louis home.

If you enjoy sports, you will enjoy St. Louis. The city is home to the 2019 Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues (NHL), St. Louis City SC (MLS) set to begin play in 2023, and the 11-time World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals (MLB).


The high rate of crime in St. Louis is the worst thing about living there. Not only are these rates much above the national average, but still the city has one of the highest crime rates in the U.S. Even though there are bad parts of St. Louis, it’s important to remember that there are also safe parts. We’ve talked about some of the safest communities in St. Louis and the places you should stay away from.

A lot of people are also worried that the number of people living in St. Louis Missouri is going down. Every year for more than 50 years, the number of people has gone down (by a small amount). This started in the 1950s, when people started moving out of the cities into the suburbs. Even though there have been efforts to bring the population back up, it has not yet reached its peak.

Summing up:”Is St. Louis a Nice Place to Live?”.

Residents are able to keep themselves active because of the city’s abundance of attractions and activities.They are able also to think about living or moving to St.Louis Missouri.In the gorgeous Forest Park, which spans 1,300 acres, locals are frequently seen engaging in activities like running, bicycling, and inline skating. The citizens of this city have a clear passion for sports, as evidenced by their frequent attendance at Cardinals baseball and Blues hockey games.

It is a wise decision to relocate to St. Louis, regardless of whether you are attracted to the city because of its interesting history, its professional sports teams, or even just the ability to save money on housing costs. Come to St. Louis and discover everything this city has to offer alongside the thousands of other people who have already made the move here. Get in touch with St. Louis Movers if you need any other information.