What is The Average Cost of Living in St. Louis?

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St. Louis is known for its welcoming neighborhoods perfect for raising a family and its stunning historic buildings that are sure to impress any visitor. There will be thousands of new residents at the Gateway to the West in 2020.We’ve broken down the average cost of living in St. Louis into several categories so you can see if it will fit into your budget.St. Louis has a long history because it was a stop on the way to the American West. It has a big blues music scene and a lot of sports fans who are very loyal to their teams.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to settle there between 2019 and 2021. If you want to live in a city with beautiful buildings, a cool vibe, and friendly people, St. Louis might be a good choice.Overall, it looks like this city is one of the more affordable ones in the country. Its cost of living in St. Louis is 12.2% lower than the national average and has gone down by 0.1% in the past year.If you want to successfully relocate to St. Louis, it will help to know as much as possible about the local economy, including the typical average cost of living in St. Louis factors like food and housing. 

The Expenses of Housing in St. Louis

St. Louis is an excellent option to consider if you’re trying to relocate to a location that won’t break your budget. The overall cost of housing in this city is 24, 7 percent lower than the average cost across the nation. The monthly rent on average in St. Louis is now $1,961, which is a decrease of 17.4 percent compared with the same period the previous year.

Obviously, the price you pay will be determined in large part by the community in which you choose to establish yourself. For instance, if you like the Central West End Historic District, you can expect to pay approximately $3,095 per month for the apartment of your dreams. On the other hand, if you favor the neighborhoods of Florissant and Lakewood, you’ll pay $846 and $724, respectively, which is a big difference in price in line with the average rent in St. Louis.

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The St. Louis Food Sales Price

The cost of your food is likely to be your second biggest expense, behind the cost of your housing. And the cost of food can either make living in St. Louis Missouri an affordable or unaffordable option, depending on the neighborhood in which you choose to make your home.The cost of groceries in St. Louis is comparable to the national average, falling just short of it by about 1.7 percent on average.

 In the city of St. Louis, for instance, the cost of a half gallon of milk is approximately $1.76. The typical price across the nation is $2.10. The cost of a dozen eggs, on average across the nation, is $1.47. They go for $1.31 in the city of St. Louis.Don’t overlook the option of going out to dine! As people in the United States lead busier lives, they are increasingly likely to eat their meals away from home, either by going to a restaurant or ordering food for delivery or takeout. Going out to eat is not only enjoyable but also makes it a lot simpler when you’re responsible for all that’s on your plate. 

The Cost of Healthcare in St. Louis

While it’s difficult to get a precise estimate of healthcare expenses, on average, residents of St. Louis pays 12.9 percent lower rates than the state average.Your healthcare demands may differ greatly from those of your neighbor or family members, making it hard to estimate. Single, healthy people pay less for healthcare than married couples, families, and those with special needs.

  • Visit to the doctor costs $77.70 in St. Louis and averages $112.81 across the country.
  • Cost of an eye checkup in St. Louis is $73.88 while the average cost throughout the US is $105
  • Exam and cleaning at a dentist’s office: $92.78 in St. Louis and $99.44 on average across the nation
  • Adjustment based on chiropractic: In St. Louis, the cost of an initial evaluation with a chiropractor (which typically includes an adjustment) is approximately $71.42 on average. The typical cost is $111 across the country.

Prices Paid for Goods and Services in St. Louis

Costs associated with purchasing a variety of goods and services consume a sizable portion of an individual’s available funds on a monthly basis. Although these things are not absolutely necessary, it is nevertheless a good idea to buy them on a consistent basis. Stuff like:

  • Hair Care Items
  • Dental hygiene items
  • Go to the hairdresser
  • Preventative maintenance, like yearly haircuts,
  • Clothing
  • Products Made From Paper (toilet paper, napkins)
  • Bar soap for the dishes
  • Getting worked on with some lotions

Another day, you might buy toothpaste ($2.32) and shampoo ($1.15) before seeing a movie ($10.33) and ordering pizza and beer ($19.19). These items average $32.99 nationwide. As you can see, these fees add up quickly and affect St. Louis’ average cost of living.

St. Louis’s Tax System

Taxes have a direct effect on the average cost of living in St. Louis, despite the fact that most individuals dislike discussing them. The income tax rate in Missouri ranges from 0% to 5.4%. The Missouri legislature opted in 2014 to reduce income taxes from 6 percent to the current rate of 4 percent. St. Louis residents and workers pay an additional 1 percent earnings tax.

Additionally, consider sales tax and residential property tax (if you decide to purchase a home).

The St. Louis sales tax rate is 9.679 percent, which is the sum of the city and state tax rates. The state sales tax rate in Missouri is 4.23 percent. The St. Louis tax rate is 5.45%. If you buy something with a price tag of $1,000, you will pay an additional approximately $100 in sales tax.

The residential property tax rate in St. Louis County is 1.05 percent. If you purchase a home for $210,000, you will pay $2,205 each year in property taxes. You may be able to reduce your tax liability by donating your old furniture when you move. You can deduct the cost of your charitable furniture contribution from your taxes. Just make sure to request a tax receipt from the charity.

Trying to Deal with the St. Louis Cost of Living

Gaining as much information as possible regarding the average cost of living in St. Louis will allow you to decide whether or not it is a feasible option for yourself to relocate. And as the old adage goes, “knowledge is power.”

Investigating the typical costs of living in St. Louis Missouri, such as those for groceries, public transit, and housing in St. Louis, will help you determine whether or not the area is affordable for you. In turn, that can provide you the assurance to settle in a new city.